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Machine Stretch Film

  • Usable with automatic and semiautomatic machines
    Comes in 20" and 30" width
    Comes in 40-120 gauge
    Increases film tension and stability



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Our machine grade stretch wrap is engineered to work with a variety of stretch wrap machines and equipment. Stretch wrapping machines are able to provide tighter, more stable pallet loads. Machine wrapping will increase load retention while providing greater damage and puncture resistance during transit. We offer a variety of sizes of stretch films, such as cast stretch film. Our machine-grade film, provided in 20 in and 30 in widths, can be used in automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch film machines.
•Usable with automatic and semiautomatic machines
•Comes in 20" and 30" width
•Comes in 40-120 gauge
•Increases film tension and stability

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