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Black stretch film VS colorless stretch film

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The stretch film is divided into a colorful stretch film and a colorless stretch film. What is the difference between the two? The advantages of the black stretch film compared to the colorless stretch film are as follows. Conducive to packaging valuables and privacy items. Using the universal reclaiming equipment, 100% of the granulation can be recovered in the factory, which can reduce environmental pollution, recycle the black stretch film, and save the cost of packaging.

The use of the total amount has been significantly reduced, so the use of capital, reduce the cost of the entire packaging with a black stretch film instead of the rapid stretch film, the interest on shipping and storage space has dropped. The amount of packaging of the same goods has also been significantly reduced, reducing atmospheric pollution. Since the thickness of the pre-stretched black stretched film is significantly thinner, the total amount of conveyance is reduced, and then the transportation energy consumption and exhaust gas emissions are reduced, and the pollution to the atmospheric environment is reduced.

The difference between black stretch film and colorless stretch film

Because of the black stretch film, the pre-stretching skill is processed, which is convenient to use and high in work efficiency. Appropriate and labor-saving, non-dedicated packaging machines and special packaging places can be operated by men, women and children. Under the same component, the length of each roll of this black stretch film is more than double the length of the roll of the general stretch film. When packing, the frequency of replacing the film roll can be reduced, and the transportation, packaging and distribution can be saved. capital.

The production conditions of the black stretched film are very strict, the melting point is 178 ° C, and the crystallization temperature at the time of maximum crystallization is 141 ° C. The stretching process conditions are mainly related to temperature, and it is necessary to obtain a high-performance, high-quality black stretch film. Control the black stretch film process conditions. The demand is through four stages of preheating, stretching, heat treatment and cooling. The preheating temperature should be controlled at 170 °C, the stretching temperature is controlled at 150-158 °C, the stretching ratio is generally greater than 9, and the heat setting temperature should be avoided. The crystallization temperature at the maximum crystallization rate was 168 °C.

Black stretch film

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