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Handy Stretch Film

  • Raw Material:LLDPE + MLDPE 100% virgin material
    Processing Type:Cast
    Width:7.6cm(3”)  10cm (4”)  12.7cm(5”)
    Thickness:Range from 12mic to 30mic
    Length:50m -500m
    Color:Clear, blue, white ,green, black, yellow, red,etc
    Core Size:1”
    Elongation:Range from 300% to 400%



  • Product Details

When your belongings are on the move, secure items together so things stay put, don’t get lost and stay protected. Zhiteng stretch wrap is perfect for storage or shipping and it sticks to itself without leaving any messy residue when it’s time to unpack. Great for wrapping remote controls to TVs; securing cabinet doors and Dresser drawers closed; keeping hardware attached to Bed frames; protecting plush furniture from dust or stains; and shielding surfaces or furniture legs from scratches, scuffs and damage. Just stretch, wrap and relax-your belongings are sure to arrive right where you left them, no stress.
--Convenient handle provides easy application
--Plastic stretch film sticks to itself, and is easy to remove without residue after use
--Clear non-adhesive plastic wrap secures and bundles Items
--Perfect for storage, moving or shipping

Raw Material LLDPE + MLDPE 100% virgin material
Processing Type Cast
Width 7.6cm(3”)  10cm (4”)  12.7cm(5”)
Thickness Range from 12mic to 30mic
Length 50m -500m
Color Clear, blue, white ,green, black, yellow, red,etc
Core Size 1”
Elongation Range from 300% to 400%

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