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Jumbo Roll

  • Width:18” and 20”
    Color:Clear, black, red, blue,etc.
    Core Diameter:3”(76mm)



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ZT stretch film use imported Linear Low Density Polyethylene ( LLDPE) for main raw material produced by Exxon Mobile Chemical and Dow Chemical Company. The Stretch Film has many advantages: high tensile strength,high retraction force ,strong puncturer resistance, high transparency and strong tear resistance. It is widely used in pallet wrapping and semi-finished products packing. When packing goods, it can stabilize cargo and protect it from moisture, dust and collaps, at the same time also make it more flexible and convenient, labor-saving, high efficiency and low cost.
We also specialize in the manufacturing and exporting of stretch film jumbo roll other than machine stretch and hand stretch film. Jumbo roll is usually used for rewinding, cutting into small rolls, Jumbo roll is a good choice for you when you only have rewinding machines, which is availabie in both machine grade and hand grade. Comes in 18” and 20"
Width 18” and 20”
Thickess 8mic-80mic
Color Clear, black, red, blue,etc.
Core Diameter 3”(76mm)

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