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Pre-Stretch Film

  • Raw Material:100 % raw material PE
    Processing Type:Cast
    Width:Range from 300mm-500mm
    Thickness:Range from 6mic to 12mic
    Length:100m to 1500m
    Core Size:1” 1.5” 2” 3”
    Model:Soft / edge folded



  • Product Details

Using Pre stretch hand film will increase wrapping efficiency, increase load protection, and reduce materials cost. Because this stretch wrap is pre-stretched, it will have less neckdown and will decrease the amount of times the stretch film must be wrapped around the pallet. Because less stretch film is necessary, you will ultimately reduce your materials costs. Prestretching also increases the load tension and will continue to tighten around the load even after it has been wrapped. Our prestretch film has a great variety of applications as an industrial packaging product. Both cast film and blown film can be pre-stretched.
· Decreased Neckdown
· Increased load tension
· Reduces overall Costs
Raw Material 100 % raw material PE
Processing Type Cast
Width Range from 300mm-500mm
Thickness Range from 6mic to 12mic
Length 100m to 1500m
Color Clear/transparent
Core Size 1” 1.5” 2” 3”
Model Soft / edge folded

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