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Calculation of the quality of stretched film

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Stretch film belongs to the method of weight loss of stretch film: thickness (Mic) * width (mm) * length (M) * 0.000009918 = kg, hand film 15.5Mic * 500mm * 500M * 0.00000918 = 3.56 kg. (The unit of thickness is micron, 20 Mic = 0.02 mm, width is usually 50 cm = 500 mm, length unit is meter, density is 0.918 g/cm3).
Stretch film packaging use cost = how many square meters = the specific length * width (common size 50cm) of the same weight and width: thickness determines the length. For example, the same weight of 500 kg: 20Mic thickness of the stretched film length is 54466.23 meters. A 15.5 Mic film with a length of 70279.01 meters.

If 20Mic is replaced by 15.5Mic, only 38.78 kg of film with a thickness of 15.5 Mic is required. Because (54466.23 meters ÷ 500 meters) × 3.56 kg = 387.8 kg. (15.5 thick film is 500 meters long and weighs 3.56 kilograms).

Assume that the price of a stretch film of 20 Mic thickness is 15.5 yuan/kg, and the amount is 500 kg. Its purchase cost is 500 kg × 15.5 yuan / kg = 7750 yuan. The actual number of meters purchased is 54466.23 meters. For the same number of meters, the film of 15.5Mic thickness only needs 387.8 kg.

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