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Pre-Stretch Film with 3 Extra Strips

  • Raw Material:100 % raw material PE
    Processing Type:Cast
    Width:Range from 300mm-500mm
    Thickness:Range from 6mic to 12mic
    Length:100m to 1500m
    Core Size:2” 3”
    Model:Soft / edge folded
    Characteristic:Three individual strips



  • Product Details

  Product features
DIMENSIONS: 300mm-500mm Wide, 100m-1500m Long, 5-12 Microns Thick.
EASY APPLICATION: Easy to apply, requires less torque, and is much more durable than standard stretch wrap. This packaging film wrap is pre-stretched and added three individual strips during its production so that it shrinks and clings better to the pallets and bundles it's used to package.
FUNCTIONALITY: Perfect for pallet wrapping, moving, packing, warehouse, and industrial packaging or shipping. This plastic film wrap requires no dispensers or other tools to be used. It also requires no additional adhesives. It sticks to itself - but not to anything else.
QUALITY CONTROL: using nothing but the best materials, state-of-the-art production processes, and strict quality control.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Proudly Made in the CHINA
Product description
Introducing Pre-Stretch Film with 3 Extra Strips!
Organize With Ease!
ZT Pre-Stretch Film with 3 Extra Strips increases wrapping productivity, reduces waste, enhances employee safety, and lowers total pallet wrapping costs!
Pre-stretch technology delivers superior load containment by virtue of the film’s memory 
ZT Stretch Wrap offers toughness, strength and superior tear resistance!

Raw Material 100 % raw material PE
Processing Type Cast
Width Range from 300mm-500mm
Thickness Range from 6mic to 12mic
Length 100m to 1500m
Color Clear/transparent
Core Size 2” 3”
Model Soft / edge folded
Characteristic Three individual strips

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