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The use of pe stretch film

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The PE stretch film is a packaging material used in packaging and has a stretching action. A 1 meter film can usually be pulled between 3-5 meters, which is often used more often in the logistics industry. PE stretch film has high flexibility, is not easy to break, strong anti-blasting force, strong impact resistance, strong tear resistance, strong tensile force, can replace the characteristics of box packaging, and is widely used in the collection and packaging of articles. And on the tray packaging.

The main use of PE stretch film:

1, full width packaging
This type of packaging requires a film width sufficient to cover the tray, the shape of the tray is regular, and the flexibility of the stretched film can do this.

2, sealed packaging
This package uses a film to wrap the tray around the tray, and then the two hot grips heat seal the membranes at both ends. Good sealing, can extend the shelf life of the packaged items. Can be used in medicine, food packaging.

3, manual packaging
This type of packaging is the simplest of the wrap film packages, which are mounted on a stand or held by a hand, rotated by a tray or film wound around a tray. It is mainly used for repackaging after the packaged tray is damaged, and for ordinary tray packaging.

4, horizontal mechanical packaging
This kind of packaging is different from other packagings, which are rotated around the article and are suitable for long cargo packaging, such as carpets, plates, fiberboards, profiled materials, etc.

5, the packaging of the paper tube
This is one of the newest uses of stretch film, which is better than the wrap film packaging for old-fashioned paper tube packaging.

6, tube and cable packaging
This is an example of the application of the wrap film in a special field. The packaging equipment is installed at the end of the production line, and the fully self-stretching film can be used as a substitute for the tape to bind the material and protect it.

The application of PE stretch film is very wide. With the expansion of application fields, the amount of PE stretch film will increase greatly, and its market potential is immeasurable. It is widely used in the packaging of various articles, which reduces the transportation cost of the articles, and also saves the use of resources, and has contributed to the sustainable development of China.

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