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Advantages of stretch wrapping film on packaging

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The most commonly used packaging materials in today's packaging materials are strapping tape, tape, stretch wrapping film, etc., but the stretch wrapping film must look at its material. Because the stretch wrapping film material itself is less toxic, it will not affect human health and reduce pollution, and also has anti-corrosion. , high temperature and other safety characteristics, due to the wide range of stretch wrapping film materials, the cost is relatively low, and environmentally friendly recycling and other treatments are easy to avoid environmental pollution, is an environmentally friendly packaging. Stretch wrap film plays a huge role in packaging and is one of the essential components in the market. What are the advantages of stretch wrap film on packaging?

1. Convenient to use: The wrapping film has self-adhesive function and characteristics. It is especially suitable for sending various product samples that need to be disassembled and packaged back. It is loosened with scissors or a knife, which is very fast and convenient. Such as LED tube lamps), the traditional stickers are very difficult to dismantle, and can not guarantee that the bundled items are intact.

2, convenient winding: the traditional self-adhesive, in the packaging process, often lead to break and tear, it is difficult to find the joint, both delay time, waste energy and resources, pe winding film without such worries, very flexible and strong, flexible Very good sex, you can entangle the items tightly without much effort.

3, bundled and strong: stretch film has a very good stretching function, you can force to bundle, increase the length and cost, bundle and firm, will not lead to loose or missing multiple items.

4, does not damage the items: the traditional self-adhesive paper packaged items, need to add a layer of protective film, otherwise tearing, will leave difficult to remove the glue on the item, sticky, will also put the item The outer pattern is damaged or torn; there is no such concern when stretching the stretched film, the force is entangled with force, the opening and unraveling is unreliable, and the other film is not needed, which saves the finished product and speeds up the speed, and does not cause two defects on the product. Secondary pollution.